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All students must enter and exit through the Yale gate (south side of the school) or the Thorne gate (west side of school).  Front gates will not be open during arrival and dismissal times.  Students are not to arrive prior to breakfast, as there is NO supervision.  All students are required to go directly to the cafeteria.  You are welcome to park in the Clinton lot, if you are getting out of your car to conduct school business.

Student Valet Drop Off Guidelines

Student Valet drop-off is located behind the gymnasium on Yale Avenue.  Students MUST exit on the passenger side of the car ONLY (curbside).  Have student and personal items (backpacks, jackets, etc.) ready for exiting the vehicle, prior to entering the “Valet Only Lane”.  As you approach the curb, pull as far forward as possible.  Come to a complete stop as close to the car in front of you as possible.  DO NOT get out of your car.  If you need to exit the vehicle to assist student with items from trunk, you will be required to park.  Student valets are to open and close the car door(s).  Student valets may assist with backpacks, as the students exit the passenger side door(s).  Drive slowly through the lane following the car in front of you and out of the parking lot.  RIGHT turns ONLY when exiting the parking lot.  Students may never be dropped off along the thru land or in the “parking only” area.  Parents who would like to park, may still do so but only in the designated parking area.  Please remember, SAFETY FIRST!  Thank you for your support as we move toward implementing this new program.


Students are to leave the campus immediately after school unless enrolled in the After School Program (ASES).  There is to be NO loitering on or around the campus.  Students must be picked up on time.  Contact will be made with families who repeatedly fail to pick up students on time.  Prior to leaving for school, please make sure your child knows the pick-up/walk home directions for that day.  The office phone is for emergencies only and students are not permitted to use it at leisure.  Parents who are waiting for students are asked to remain on the grass area, west of the gym.

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